by Wojciech Adam Koszek   ⋅   Apr 15, 2012   ⋅   East Palo Alto, CA

I've found this book to be an enjoyable take on leadership within Apple. It gave me background into what Apple products and Steve Jobs was all about back then, when I didn't even use Apple products at all. Maybe you shouldn't read it if you want to start using their products one day?

NOTE This review reads quite funny now, 4 years after I originally wrote it. Since then I’ve moved to Apple ecosystem and I’m quite happy because of it.

Not being Apple practitioner didn’t stop me from reading about Apple and Steve Jobs:

Some conclusions. Consistent project vision and design. Have you ever read Mythical man-month? I see an reverse analogy between S/360 and Apple – having a leader with a vision of a product line is important. It’s sometimes interesting how really big products can succeed when being designed by one person. The most I impressed was by Inside AS/400 which apparently was designed by a single person.

Book. The book outlines lives of Apple and Steve Jobs. In some moments it’s too much of preaching of Jobs being #2 right after God, but in general it was pleasant to read (factor price/content is very good for this book)

Summary of the book:

  • Start small
  • User experience 1st; then technology
  • Loosing is always good. I see an analogy between what Jobs had done and Derek Sivers’ talk

“Design of everyday things”
“Memoirs of Hadrian”

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