How to win friends and influence people

by Wojciech Adam Koszek   ⋅   Aug 5, 2012   ⋅   East Palo Alto, CA

This is a good position on soft-skills. Based on the fact that most of the software projects nowadays are too big for a single developer, this is a good book for engineers. It's not what the title claims it to be -- it's more about human interaction.

There is a lot of hardcore technical books on my shelf, but before I’ll grab them and study more chip design and other geeky stuff, I decided to start pruning the queue of my “to read” list from something more lightweight.

Also, I believe I’ll need to read more about effective communication skills and more about what is/isn’t considered inappropriate while replying to e-mails and text messages, and this book somehow felt into this plan.

This is by all means really, really good book! Don’t get me wrong – I typically don’t go to the bookstore to find a “How to loose 17lbs over the weekend” books, but this title made me think. Additionally I saw the title on several other pages of people who I admire, which made me think I must read it too.

Nothing niche is present in this book and it’s not that I learned things I didn’t yet know. However, having the content of what I knew in a written form, written by a well known author and knowing book was a bestseller boosted my confidence in the process of being raised in Center Europe!

Dale Carnegie gives lots of examples of real-world cases which … might not be too real after all, but honestly I don’t care. Book let me to get some good ideas.

It’s about NLP and salesmanship and is interesting, since reading it gives you decent knowledge, while table of contents gives you guidelines for everyday interpersonal communication. I’d say very good for managers.

If you have ever wondered why American car salesman work as they do and why they’re so nice and happen to feel like long-term friends who Really Want To Help You, you must read this book.

And if you wonder, why I get excellent breakfasts and lunches in a company while you don’t, you should read some chapters as well. Oh, and by the way – I was getting those BEFORE I read it too.

“Guerilla Business School”

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