How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

by Wojciech Adam Koszek   ⋅   Aug 12, 2012   ⋅   East Palo Alto, CA

Next to Earl Nightingale I've known this guy was a big name in the personal-development world, so I went ahead and read it. So-so. If you're very bored, you won't loose by reading it. Is it a must-have? Nah.

“How to Win…” I got since it was just undeniably one of the most popular American classics, known even by people who don’t read books.

“How to stop worrying and start living” followed, since its title struck me as odd. I expected I won’t be able to handle this book and will stop at some point.

It was actually pretty good. Nothing special, but acceptable.

I write this review after some after of actually going through the book, however I know I often come back to “The Law of Averages” for assessing risk, as well as to stories mentioned at the end of the book. This little 300-page piece helped me a bit with driving. Driving a car in the US, which is outside of my comfort zone, has fallen into categories of my worries, but according to these (oh well, probably faked) examples, worrying is common.

Personally I liked the quotes too. Especially about big people, like Napoleon, who never stood when he could sit, and never sat, when he could lie.

Just fine book which you may not really need, but reading which won’t hurt you.

“Design for hackers”
“The real book of real-estate”

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