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If you like watching best TV ads as much as I do, this book would teach you some of the background used by ad film makers. It is also an advertising book to some extent, and I remember having a lot of fun reading it.

This book was similar to “22 laws of marketing”.

Positioning is what I’d say a strategy for creating a perception about your product in customer’s mind.

The need for positioning is backed by the huge number of new products coming from all sorts of markets.

Getting into prospect’s mind is heavily emphasized (“it’s not a battle of products, it’s a battle of perceptions”).

Interesting strategy of using a competitors position to re-position yourself is explained (“We try harder” case). This is stuff that I never really paid attention to.

Authors talk about product naming–something that lots of people seems to be concerned about. Picking a good name is very crucial in terms of your product perspectives. Trying to come up with names which are easy to pronounce will be my motto since now on (however I really believe Apple computer would be successful no matter if Apple II was called Apple II, or Apple XR10Z).

Interesting thing here was to try to name products in a such a way, that the heritage or its special roots/values are preserved. Don’t pick fancy names for simple products.

Shorting names considered bad. Just try to pick a good name upfront.

Line extension is when you have successful brand or product and you’re trying to use it’s position to position yet another product in the market. This seldom works.

I suggest you read this one..

“From Zero To One”
“Soft Skills: The software developer's life manual”

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