by Wojciech Adam Koszek   ⋅   Apr 5, 2013   ⋅   Menlo Park, CA

Really great book on Rockefeller. I'm into history of the American business, so not sure if you'd like it. But if you are, I can recommend.

True story behind William A. Rockefeller, known as “Devil Bill” and later, one and only: John D. Rockefeller.

Nice chunk of American history and point of view on wealth.

Very enlightening in terms of how business works. Making deals with other companies to achieve common goal was something new at the time Rockefeller started Standard Oil Company.

The thing is that Rockefeller wasn’t the first one to discover oil in Cleveland, Ohio. However he somehow managed to get his feet in a door, managed to survive and figured out a niche way of dropping prices.

I still don’t understand why at that time making deals Railroads and getting a discount was prohibited. I think I’m raised in a culture, where things like that are performed on a daily basis, thus this doesn’t seem too outrageous.

The idea of trust was pretty unique too. I think being the first one to come up with an idea is pretty cool. He should be getting more credit for that :)

Secret kept away from his mother related to his father’s second life was interesting. Looks like US is based on the lives of people with personal problems, and while being Polish, it’s hard not to notice this trend continues nowadays too.

Interestingly too, Rockefeller D., just like many others successful entrepreneurs from young US age were pretty damn religious. No chance for me? Really? Oh well..

Rockefeller was said to be the most hated man of his times, however this started to gradually shift the older he got, and the more money he decided to donate to charity.

Except from Rockefeller, a lot of other big names are mentioned, like Andrew Carnegie, Vanderbilt family, J.P. Morgan.

This is must-to-read for people interested in the history of America and creation of wealth.

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