On Writing

by Wojciech Adam Koszek   ⋅   Oct 21, 2015   ⋅   Menlo Park, CA

Man. This is really damn good book on writing by the master. If you need to understand how real professional writer works, this is the book.

Audiobook format of “On writing” was excellent. King read it himself. This is what I like about audiobook: they make the form be rich and more colorful by adding this another dimension. This might be one of the few positions where I can recommend the audiobook over a paper book.

First of all books are great. I believe you’ll have the same while reading or listening to King.

There’s a great part about writing as compared to telepathy. This was my favorite moment in a book. Another one was King’s commentary on his own accident.

King did us a big favor and published his non-fiction piece. He explained all the inner-workings of the professional, world-class writer. One could compare it to Donald Knuth’s books, where he explains how he thinks about the problem.

I’m not a big horror or fiction person. In fact, I find these books hard to swallow. You can appreciate the storytelling and all the made up as I’m more non-fiction hungry reader, but I really enjoyed it. My confession: I haven’t read any of King’s books.

It’s partially a autobiography, and partially the suggestion guide. But not same style as The Elements of Style, which I found valuable, but dry and boring. Listening to “On writing” was a pure pleasure, since it’s entertaining and interesting, and the storyline interleaves the suggestions and advises.

Second part of the book is mostly a guide for writers. Phrased King’s way, they are more memorable than “20 steps to better writing” or lists like that.

I wish someone did similar book for non-fiction. But even for my purposes (technical writing, essays on software) this book will be very usable. If you’re into blog writing or writing of any kind, buy it. You won’t regret; it will help and inspire your.

NOTE I rarely re-listen to stuff on Audible, but I did this for King’s book.

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