Scientific Advertising

by Wojciech Adam Koszek   ⋅   Jan 27, 2017   ⋅   Menlo Park, CA

A lot of people from the marketing/advertising community recommend this book, so I read it to figure out if I can apply some lessons to promote my software.

David Ogilvy and many other authors of copy-written ads mentioned Claude C. Hopkins was their hero, and that his book is a mandatory reading. You should at least look at it, if you want to get a full experience for your advertising and marketing education.

The myths of advertising being “creative” are debunked here. The advertising from a purely scientific format is shown. Ads are treated like salesperson, and the same demands are expected out of them. Bringing money to the table, and making a sale is what he talked about all the time.

The book mentions an importance of measuring effects of your advertisements. You measure everything and everywhere. You must remember this it’s written in 1926, but pretty much everything in this book can be applied in 2017.

Nice thing is that there’s a logical split into 21 chapters. Each chapter begins and ends in a logical way, and brings worth summaries. Even though stuff is rephrased several times in the same chapter, it’s not boring at all, and helps with the recall. If you listen to this book as an audiobook just like I did, you’ll find that helpful.

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