by Wojciech Adam Koszek   ⋅   Feb 2, 2012   ⋅   Czestochowa, Poland

Dan Harris of ABC News summarized this genre of books accurately, and I think all of us would agree.. Slightly esoteric, but got me started in the personal development field. In my opinion this book changed my life for a plus. Check it out. But be critical.

This is where the story with “new school” Hill-alike books started. This book wouldn’t have been such a big and significant step on my reading list, however:

  • it was recommended to me by my mother, who got it by accident and suggested I may like it
  • it was first book of that kind that I’ve read
  • in the Polish edition of this book a lot of other authors of similar books were mentioned…

So the book talks about what I could now call “typical positive thinking” methodology, meaning: motivation and habit of trying to achieve your precisely stated goal is all there is to be successful.

In general, I think the last point from the list above was very interesting. I seem to recall that the book made a very good impression on me, since the general concept of will and power of your own thinking is something that suits my atheistic point of view on the world. But I was impressed by number of authors that somehow contribute to these methods.

Several authors were mentioned, and to this day I don’t know anybody from the list, except the one parson - Bob Proctor.

The only reason is that I think it was the only single person that had something on YouTube. I didn’t like it much, unlike his biography from Byrne’s book:

“Bob Proctor’s wisdom came to him through lineage of great teachers…”

So here I was – being introduced to the 2 big names of all time..

So Rhonda’s book was great in terms of its content, however I must honestly say introducing me to Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale might be the biggest contribution this book did to me. I seem to recall right after finishing the book and reading the cover, I found series of video lectures on YouTube straight from the Mr Hill, and due to excellent quality of the recordings, I soon learned who guru is..

“Joel on Software”
“50 Prosperity Classics”

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