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by Wojciech Adam Koszek   ⋅   May 12, 2012   ⋅   East Palo Alto, CA

Spolsky made his mark on the Internet and the software industry with his writing, and there are two ways to access it: his blog or this book. The book has the same stuff, but comes in a handy form. Get it, read it, re-read it many times and assimilate the business/software wisdom. By the way, this is a software startup bootstrapping bible.

U la la. Just read. Simply read and enjoy. I think this is number #1 in terms of “what changed my approach to software engineering”.

In order to write this review, I’d have to simply rewrite this book with my own words, since pretty much everything there shows you real-world approach on writing and selling your products, and not only.

MUST HAVE for everybody seriously thinking about making software.


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